But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. For he himself is our peace, who has made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility... Eph. 2:13-14

Friday, November 12

Things I Dreamt About Last Night

1. I was reaching my hand into a candy dish, and pulled out a paper lunch sack with an AMAZING creme-filled chocolate-covered long john doughnut that was all cold and amazing and for me. Just before I took a bite, I woke up.

2. A friend asked me to take her to Outback Steakhouse, and I had to drive across Illinois to get her there. When we finally arrived, I found out that she wasn't even meeting anyone, but I couldn't stay because I needed to get Savannah back home in time for her piano lesson.

3. On the way home, Savannah was watching a Beatles video on YouTube via my mom's iPhone. When I looked down at it, my dream changed to it. At first it was really boring. They were putting away their instruments or something, and John was talking about love. Then Paul said something about Mother Mary, and John went berserk. He was shouting about how stupid Christianity was and how anyone who believed those lies was an idiot, and IF Jesus existed He was an idiot, too. George ignored him, Ringo laughed at him, and Paul was like, "Why do you always get so upset about it, man?" John was starting to talk again, and I woke up.

4. There was this CIA agent guy person, and he was showing a video/telling the history of some of the agent people in the room. It was hilarious. I can't remember most of it , but the situations they solved all ended up producing YouTube videos years later. The only one I can remember is this: In the video, an agent broke down a door and found two or three children left as orphans when someone kidnapped their parents and killed them. The agent took the oldest one and sat him in a chair. He put a red bandana on his head and said, "Antoine, I'm going to find the person who did this to your parents. I'm going to tell the world about him, because the scariest thing to a bad guy is when the whole world knows about him. If someone ever climbs into your window, tell the world!" Then the agent ran out and the video ended. The lights came on, the Bed Intruder song started playing, and Antoine Dodson came out and shook hands with the agent who had given him that advice when he was little. The next video had something to do with the army, but I woke up before it finished.

5. One of the times my alarm went off, I was having a dream about a church fellowship. When my alarm went off, everyone in the Fellowship Hall started singing "Chupachups is my lollypop! Chupachups is my lollypop! Chupachups is my lolly-lolly-pop!" Then they all stuck their fingers in their mouths and made that lollypop *Pop!* sound. As they began snapping and I woke up, I was very sad that it was just my alarm.

There were many more, but I can't remember them. I'm really shocked that my dreams were so normal tonight. Usually they're more like Alice in Wonderland than these. But hey, I'm not complaining!

Life is good, God is better!


Sunday, September 19

You say Goodbye, and I say Hello!

Hey there! So what's up? I haven't typed at you in like, forever. Arbor Day of last year, wasn't it? And now it's September, 2010. My how time flies. Well, enough chit-chat. Let's get right down to business.

As has been observed, I've pretty much abandoned this poor blog. Not that many people noticed. I think maybe one person mentioned it. Anyway, I'm a sorry excuse for a blogger, but I have a good reason: Facebook. It's a terrible disease that makes your face crave a certain social networking site specially designed to suck hours of your life away. And I love it.

But I've been thinking about little Droll Digression recently, and about you, the random reader who found this blog by accident. I've wondered to myself whether I should just euthanize my dear old companion and clean up a little of cyberspace. I never have anything interesting to say, and even if I did, I keep forgetting my log in information.

Today, however, I made a glorious discovery that changed this, and other similar thought processes I'd been having.

My muse stirred.

You must understand that I thought that my muse was dead. Being an apprentice in the Christian Writer's Guild brutally tortured her, battering her into a comatose state that I feared she would never leave. Then I finished High School and began an intense, two-year journey to a Bachelor's Degree. The stress and dullness of deadlines and papers continued to hurt my poor muse, and I was forced to leave her for dead. I finished my last course two months ago, and didn't even give a thought to her. I've become so used to living without her, that I've finally accepted my inability to write.

During the past two days, however, something has begun to slosh about in my mind. Ideas–crazy, imaginative, entertaining storylines– have started whispering where before there was only silence. I didn't notice at first, but this evening, as I sat debating on whether I would write such a story in first or third person, a little lightbulb came on. My muse is coming back to life!

This discovery has filled me with more joy than you may be able to imagine, and has set me to remembering what I used to enjoy before school and facebook consumed my life. I remembered this blog, gave it a makeover, and now here I am. I can't promise that I'll post regularly. Zounds, I can't even promise that I'll post before next September. But I remember you now in a happy light, and I'll try to collect my thoughts for your enjoyment. Maybe no one will read them, and maybe no one will benefit from them, but I will enjoy writing them. May they be ever-glorifying to God, the Creator of imagination!

Hullo again!