But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. For he himself is our peace, who has made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility... Eph. 2:13-14

Sunday, October 30


Hi. My computer is rrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy slow right now. Once something finally loads, it's fine, but it takes fffffoooooorrrrrrrreeeevvvveeeeeerrrrrrr to load. Wait a sec, gotta check my email again. Oops, I was wrong, I was replying to an email, not checking it. I need to see if my other email ever did receive my messages. No, still receiving message 4 of 17. Oooooo, I like the numbers! It finally finished! Yay! Not much. Emily and Grandma and that's it. I have the llama song stuck in my head because of a signature on an email.
Tonight we get to watch Luther. I like it. Isgood. I'm not dressing up, though, because I get to twice this year and that's enough, also, I don't think anyone else is going to. Boat Anchor is moving a lot faster now.
An acquaintance of mine is having a lot of trouble right now and I've been thinking about it a lot, so if anyone out there would like to pray, it would be appreciated. It's really hard, because 1. he's around my age, rather than way older as usual, and 2. I semi-understand how he feels, only he's not getting better, so please pray for Sarah's friend.

I have to go now.

Monday, October 24


Hello, people who are reading this. I like to multi-task. 4-instance, I'm going back and forth between three websites right now, and if I can remember what it was...ok, I did...I'll be going between four. Actually, that's kinda lame. Oh well! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory comes out Nov. 8th! Yay! I'm currently buying the Soundtrack. It's cheaper! Yay! None of the pictures are working. Oh well. I'm going to go onto MRL to see about armbands now (Not Choclolate factory, that came out kinda wrong-they're celtic). Practikilt-it's not a skirt, it's an attitude. Ok, now I'm buying the CD. I hope. Boat Anchor is going really slow right now. Yay! It worked! Dad and Bandit are asleep. Bandit's laying on Dad. Yay, I can get armbands and an elven brooch! And maybe something else...maybe...maybe not. Well, definitly not the eating utensils, I think I'll just stick with the armbands and the brooch. Oh yeah! I can see if the Schindler's (spell?) List Soundtrack is cheap on Amazon! It is! I'll have to see if I have any money left after this. Yay! I can get it! And I'm Broke! Bye!

Tuesday, October 11

Right now, at this very moment...

Hi. How are you doing today? I'm doing well. The TV is on. Why was that lady enjoying the beach from her car? She couldn't even hear the waves! Why is classical music playing for a lighting commercial? The program that's coming on looks interesting. Never mind. Ok, it still looks interesting, but not compleatly.
Dad's talking about getting rid of the Motorcycles and getting a convertable. Is that a good thing? Ooooh, does dad have my blog? Bern, Switzerland, 1905. That's what the tv thing said. Anyway, I'm not sure about it. I really hope Dad doesn't have this. I mean, It's not that I'm trying to hide anything, I can tell him. But I don't want to. I tried to make this resolution where I don't complain to my parents (or hopefully pretty much anyone else) unless it is absolutly nessesary. This isn't nessesary. A Mustang Convertable sounds really cool. There's just some sentimental attachment to Tug and Happy Car. I've gotta go. Good Bye! God be with you!

Monday, October 10

Ceud Mile Failte!

Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face,
Great chieftain o' the puddin' race!
Aboon them a' ye tak yer place-
Painch tripe or thairm:
Weel are ye wordy o' a grace as lang's my airm
Ye Pow'rs, wha mak' mankind your care,
And dish them oot their bill o' fare,
Auld Scotland wants nae skinkin' ware that jaups in luggies.
But, if ye wish her gratefu' prayer, Gie her a Haggis!

That's the "Address to a Haggis" by Robert Burns. It has a very interesting flavor. Men in kilts are very likable. They have cool crests and instruments and sometimes super cool accents. I really love the Scottish accent. Oh yeah, haggis, I forgot. There's a legend about Haggis being some sort of animal that they hunted. It had two long legs and one short legs. When it was on flat ground it could only run around in a circle. Actually, Haggis is oatmeal, onions, lamb's heart, livers and kidneys (often with sherry), lots of pepper and is stuffed into a synthetic version of a sheep's stomach. It could still be stuffed into a reall sheep's stomach in Scotland, but not in the U.S. - not as many sheep.
I saw a fake sheep with a sign above it with the recipie for instant haggis. It involved a grenade,... messy.
So anyway, I got a sword while at the Scotish Games, adding to my collection. Did I mention that I like the scottish accent? I think the first time that I heard it and I knew for certain that it was scottish was in the Lord of the Rings when Pippin was talking. Then I saw a picture of Billy Boyd in a kilt, wondered why he was wearing a 'skirt', and the rest, shall we say, is history. Now I'm going to Scottish Games and eating Haggis and trying to figure out how to say Sgian Dubh and Ceud Mile Failte. I listen to Alester Beg(g?) (sorry if I spelled that wrong) whenever I can, so I hear a scottish accent a lot (when possible). When I listened to "Redwall" on tape it was acted out (vocally, of course) and Matthias was scottish. I loved it. Especialy because he talked a lot. I also saw some cheezy movie about some really old show with some lady in it and her...nephew, I think, was scottish. That was cool. There's also the scottish chicken...uh...can't remember the name right now, in Chicken Run who is fun to listen to. Also, my name is scottish. [In the mythical world of my old pen name, Rebekkah Lockert,] Lockert used to be Lockhart, but when my family came over the spelling got changed. Cool, huh?
So anyway, scottish stuff is really cool. They have sheep.
Well, pictures were supposed to pop up here, but I must have clicked something wrong, so they didn't. I probably shouldn't advertise without cost anyway. So have a great day!

O flow'r of Scotland,
When will we see
Your likes again-
That fought an' died for
Your wee bit hill an' glen?

And stood against him
Proud Edward's army,
And sent him homeward
Tae think again!

Tuesday, October 4


Today was a good day. I went super fast. I got the llama song back and you can visit it. It's in my 'Links' section.
I drew a cool alien. I've never drawn an alien before. Its legs are weird, but it's arms and hands are cool. I like its outfit, except for maybe the middle. But I like the design.
House is off! Nooooo! For a whole month! Sad! I like House! Stupid sports. Last time a guy got his hand amputated because it died because he had some sort of disease from chickens because he cleaned up after illegal cock fights. I like House. I'll be glad when it starts, but I also still like October. It needs to get cooler, though. We still have the air on.
I need to write more. I've been writing, but I'm running out of candles and I can only write at night and I can't use a lamp, so I'm stuck. Oh yeah! I've got that huge round one. Happy! This is a picture of S. When she took her Prize-winning racoons to New Zealand: Face smudged out for privacy.

Sunday, October 2

October 2nd

Kinda warm today, but still happy. I like the Incredibles. It's a cool movie.
Oh yeah, I didn't finish the Red Badge of Courage, or the Count of Monte Cristo. I'm going to start War and Peace, but I haven't yet. I need to start it soon.
I've got to go.

Saturday, October 1

October 1st

Yay! It's October! Happy October everyone! October is happy! I'm happy! It's fall! Fall is happy like Spring is happy, only it's happy in a different way, because Spring happy also has bugs and upcoming heat. Fall happy has fewer bugs and upcoming cold. It's chilly, and I love it!
I would like to have DSL. But I don't. But I'm not sad, I'm happy. Isn't that great?! Everybody be happy! Yay! I like the word plagiarism. I realize that it doesn't have the nicest implications, but it's still a cool word.
2 more months until the Moon explodes. I still haven't figured out what I'll do. Really, I don't need to do anything. I'll just watch it explode, and take pictures, and if the world doesn't die, I'll sell them for big money. There's always a positive side, I just don't always feel like seeing it, but today I do. So Happy Day, everyone!