But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. For he himself is our peace, who has made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility... Eph. 2:13-14

Monday, September 26

Monday...I think that might say enough

So today is Monday. Mondays are hard, but survivable, I'm living proof. Well, really, my life isn't that hard. Actually, I have it good, really good. It just took me longer than I expected to get everything done today. Oh well, it's done.
I'm having a very uninspired time right now. I can't write, and that's really hard. But I seem to be doing better, so that's good. Our internet connection is weird and we have this huge TV thing always sitting somewhere on the page so that I have to move it to finish reading stuff. I truly hope that you have a wonderful day.

Saturday, September 24


Hi! Today is Saturday, but we had to do the yard (like mowing and stuff) anyway. Yesterday we went on curvy roads and saw a thing about D. B.. I liked it.
J.M. is dragging my dog around. Well, actually he's dragging my dog's toy, but Bandit likes his bunny (even though it has no head) and so he attatched his mouth to it and tried to pull it back. He loves that game. He's also adorable, but he hates people. Especially small children. He's finally decided that my friends might be ok, but they're always (well, not always, but pretty close) pretty careful around him. If they aren't, they get snapped at. But he's gotten a lot better, and hasn't snapped at anyone in a long time. Really, a young relative of mine is the only child that seems to understand Bandit. She knows that he's mean, but she also knows that he won't hurt her if she doesn't try to touch him or get too close. She even helps me get him in one of his 'saftey areas', such as under my bed (a.k.a. his haven) Of course, everyone that lives in my house understads him, it's just that she's the only other young person outside of my household that seems to get it. Why am I putting all of this information on here? I have no idea. Oh well.
Our computer moniter just died. It's sad, even though it's our old computer. It's the one that we put all of our games on. Oh well, maybe someone will buy us a new one that doesn't shut down and lock up and stuff. J.M. is still convinced that he can fix it. He has absolutly no idea what he's doing. He wants to take the front off. He's going to break it more than fix it. He won't be able to find the problem because he doesn't know what he's doing. I'd be fine with it, but we don't have another moniter, so if that one is broken beyond repair we'll never get to play on it again.
My quilt really needs work. It's sad. I accidentaly rubbed off the unicorn.
I need to put Caedmon's Call on my MD player. And the Passion of the Christ Soundtrack.
Somebody needs to get on their email and email me right now. They didn't. Oh well.
AAHHH! I lost the llama song! AAHHH!

Monday, September 19


So today I kinda moved slow so it seemed to take forever, but then again it didn't, it just did take forever, and then I realized it took forever and so then it did seem to take forever. Anyway, I didn't get everything finished, so I have to do more tomorrow.
I finished Crime and Punishment Saturday! Huzzah! I started The Count of Monte Cristo a long time ago but had to stop. I don't want to finish it. But then again, I do, because I watched the movie and really liked it and I don't want to be someone who watches the movie, but never reads the book. This rarely happens. Maybe it could just this once. I would like to read War and Peace next, but I'm already reading The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and tomorrow I start The Red Badge of Courage, so I think I should finish one of the two before I start another book.
For those who haven't seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I believe that you are missing out on a good movie. It's not scary, even though E.S. says that she thinks it would be. Well, okay, some smaller children and those who were afraid of the other movie might think it a little bit frightening, and some might lable it dark (which it is, slightly), but still, it's a movie worth watching.
I should have started posting like this a long time ago, it's rather entertaining.
I am now going to anounce my theory of the loyalty of dogs. I believe that it is a rare thing for a dog to be truly loyal (showing steady adherence, service, and faithfulness, as to a government, group, person, ideal, or the like.) I maintain that what we humans, desperate for love, claim that a dog is devoted to someone while it is only using common sense. If a dog runs away, but always comes home at night, is it loyal, or is it just hungry and knows where it will get food? If a dog barks at a robber is he protecting your territory, or his?

Wednesday, September 14


Some people are like slinkies, they're pretty useless.
But it still brings a smile to your face when you push them down a staircase.

I like the sheep