But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. For he himself is our peace, who has made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility... Eph. 2:13-14

Monday, April 27

On Being a Christian Planeteer

This is from a note I wrote for Facebook, and I feel that I should give a brief explanation so that no one is left in the dark. I was talking a lot about Earth Day and Arbor Day on Facebook this past week. This should be expected, because I'm building a reputation as a Planeteer on there. I have several friends who tell me of environmentally destructive things they've done just to get on my nerves and stuff like that. It's fun. But with my extra talk of Earth and Arbor Day, a few things were said and implied that made me feel that I should defend my celebration of these holidays. I really do care about taking care of our planet, and I feel that Christians should take extra care of it. Read on...


Alright, people, here it is.

Let's imagine for a moment that I inherited some money, and that you and another friend of mine were both in desperate need of a car. Since I now had money coming out of my ears, I decided to buy two identical cars and lend them to you for a while, free of charge. My only requirement was that you use them and take care of them, and that when I got back from my trip to Scotland I'd get them back.

Well, since my friends tend to be slightly... different, the other recipient of a car decides that nothing can happen to the vehicle. He keeps it carefully stored in a garage, polished to perfection, and in perfect running condition. He goes to great lengths to avoid ever having to use it, and when he does, nearly goes insane if so much as a speck of dust touches it.

Now you, correctly assessing that my friend is most likely insane, and not wanting to appear insane yourself, decide that you're gonna use this car for all it's worth, which is great, since that's why I gave it to you. You drive it everywhere: to the store, to your job, to a game, to a movie, off-road (even though it wasn't really built for that), and for midnight runs for munchies. However, when the time comes to keep it clean, change the oil, or replenish the gas tank, you look over at my OCD friend and decide to do as little as possible. After all, you don't want to be like him.

So the fateful day arrives. I show up with 5,000 pictures of sheep and castles, bearing souvenir kilts for both of my dear friends, and asking for my cars back. When I go to my first friend's house, I find my car looking just like the day I bought it, and my friend no better off for having it in his garage. This, of course, offends me, even if it doesn't surprise me. I spent good money for the vehicle, and expected him to use it, even though I knew he wasn't quite right in the head.

Disappointed, I go to your house, and boy do you have stories of what a great time you've had in my car! I hear all about your fun and accomplishments, and am very glad. At least one of my friends got some use out of my gift. Then I take the key out to the curb (you didn't bother keeping it in your garage) and nearly faint. The dinged-up piece of junk sitting before me is nearly unrecognizable as the brand new vehicle I left you with. After I slide into the cracked leather seats and manage to slam the door hard enough that it stays closed, I force the key into the ignition and turn, only to hear a sound that would make the guys on Car Talk cover their ears. Once it finally does start, I'm barely able to get it to my house, partially because the smoke billowing out from under the hood obscures my view of the road - and it should be noted that I live just around the corner.

Am I happy about the way you've treated my gift? No! Why? Not because I needed the car. If I didn't have one of my own, I could use the one that my OCD friend never used. As it stands, I'd intended to donate both cars to Ranken Technical College for the automotive students to learn on. But I'd trusted you both to take care of and appreciate my gift, and neither of you did.

I know that this is a poor illustration. I mean, what do you expect? It's 2 AM. ;) But I hope that maybe this helps to explain why I get so excited about Earth Day and Arbor Day.
It is not my intention to ever worship the earth. If you ever catch me singing the praises of a plant or animal without mentioning its Creator, give me a good, sound slap across the face.*

But if I'm singing with the twenty-four elders in Revelation 4, "Worthy are You, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for You created all things, and by Your will they existed and were created" because I've seen God's glory unfold in a leaf, then join me!

If I'm trying to be a better steward of what God has provided by recycling or planting trees, does that mean that I'm worshipping the creation over the Creator? Christ said that one who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much. Is being wasteful being any more faithful than worshipping the earth?

Before I finish, I want to acknowledge the fact that I talk a lot about Global Warming, planeteers, endangered species and such on Facebook. That's pretty much all a joke. I don't really believe most of the Global Warming hysteria, I think the planeteers were rather extreme (not to mention that whole "Mother Nature" junk), and so far as endangered species go... well I'd like to see them stick around, but people come first. Hopefully I make it pretty clear when I'm kidding, but if you're ever confused then please feel free to ask if I'm serious or not.

Please understand that I'm not trying to get people upset or anything like that. I just felt that I should try to explain where I'm coming from when I celebrate these holidays, especially as there seems to be a lot of confusion about this subject.

God made the seed, that made the tree, that made the cross that saved us.**

*By "singing the praises of" I hope you realize that I don't mean saying that someone's dog is cute or something. Don't just be looking for an opportunity to slap me... ;)
**Taken from Caedmon's Call's version of Mystery of Mercy.

Saturday, April 11

The Countdown: TOMORROW!!!

Tomorrow is Easter! Huzzah! Everyone is cleaning, and I think we may be close to as good as it gets...

Everything is blooming beautifully outside, and the two trees that I planted last week have already grown a little!

I suppose this is a rather pointless post, but it seemed that I should send one out on Easter Eve. Especially since I most likely won't post with nearly as much consistency after tomorrow.

Oooo I'm about to burst! I can't wait so scream "He is risen!"

Praise God for Easter!!!

Wednesday, April 8

Hello, Lamppost! Whatcha knowin'?

First, I must get this exciting news out: 4 MORE DAYS UNTIL EASTER! Huzzah!

Ok, now that I've done that, I'll report on today's big news. I took my Humanities test and passed with flying colours, which I think is rather shameful, as I didn't study. I mean, I skimmed through the study guide, but I'd just studied everything in it, so I took a practice test and pretty much ignored it after that. But anyway, I passed with a higher score than any test thus far, and you know what that means...


While it's not supposed to officially start until Monday, since I have no more school work until then, it starts today! *Does a happy dance of glee*

Of course, the weekend is packed, and so is next week, but not having a test hanging over me like Damocles' sword is such a relief! *Does another happy dance*

Well, mother's made some frappuccinos (when you live in the middle of nowhere, you have to learn to make your own) so I must go consume one! Have a loverly evening!!!

Monday, April 6

The Countdown: 6 More Days

There are only six more days until Easter! Huzzah! At long last my favourite holiday is almost here! I've been eagerly awaiting it since before Thanksgiving.

The decorations are beginning to appear, things are getting cleaner, and I've read my note from last year's Sarah. Every year Savannah and I write notes to ourselves and leave them in our Easter baskets. It's kinda cool to see how different your expectations were from what your life turned out to be. For example, I asked myself if by this time I would almost have my Associate's Degree, and if I'd still be teaching Sunday School. I don't teach Sunday School, and I've almost earned my Bachelor's Degree. I wish that this neat-o tradition was my idea, but it wasn't. I'm just copying Savannah.

So anyway, the house is getting decked in pastel, which I don't usually care for, but Easter makes pastel cool. I need to make some bunny ears for Mr. Happy Guy so that we can match.

And, of course, this is the final countdown to Easter Break - a whole week of no studying! Huzzah! On that note, I'm going to be taking my last test before my break at some point this week, so if you'd like to pray for me, that'd be awesome. Oh, and I don't intend on going to see "The Widow's Might" any longer. It'd be fun, but I just can't organize it. Nor can I justify the 7 hour trip. Talk about being eco-unfriendly. I think that the DVD is already out, so maybe I'll just buy it and save myself a lot of trouble.

So six more days until I can shout "He Is Risen!" Six more days until I can wear bunny ears and hide eggs for young cousins to find! Six more days until a week of rest! Six more days until I can eat a ginormous can of chocolate pudding and get on facebook!

It'd be kinda funny if Christ returned in 5 more days...

Love ya lots like tatertots!

Wednesday, April 1

The Widow's Might

Howdy! (Wow, that's a very not-me exclamation...)

So I just found out about this movie called The Widow's Might and I'd like to see it. You may have noticed that huge official-looking banner thing. There's another little one at the bottom of this blog. I've always thought this blog needed something like that. Anyway.

I'm putting the trailer on here so that you can see why I want to see it. It's going to be in theaters for one week, but not anywhere around here! Waaaah!

However, it is going to be in my out-of-state friend's town (betcha didn't know I had a friend who owned a town, huh?) so I'm considering recruiting people for a mini road trip. Anyone interested?

60 Second Trailer Spot, Widow's Might from John Moore on Vimeo.
By the way, this movie beat out Fireproof in the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. As Fireproof is one of the most well-made Christian movies I've seen, I'm eager to see what this has to offer. At the very least, it looks cute. Especially after the nonsense of my recent film expedition. ;)

Seriously, let me know if you're interested in this random venture.

Tuesday, March 31

Everybody Say Al-right! (al-right!) Oh Yeah! (oh yeah!)

I just wanted to let everyone know that I passed English Lit.! Praise God! Furthermore, with this test out of the way, I now have the credit hours equivalent to a junior! Awesomeness!!! Next week I take a Humanities test, and then I get a break! Huzzah!

So now that I've managed to end every sentence with an exclamation point and an expression of excitement and joy, I shall wish you good night and go to bed. I don't feel up to a reading marathon tonight. ;)

May God bless you richly.

I Just Can't Seem to Come Up with a Decent Title...

I suppose I don't really have time to be writing this, as I have a test coming up at a dizzying rate (two more hours), but I thought that maybe someone would read this before 1 and pray that I'd pass the test. It's English Literature, and after taking the practice test yesterday I feel much better about it, but that doesn't change the fact that I had a hard time concentrating on my studies these past two weeks. I've actually just been online clearing up a few things that I was absolutely clueless about on the practice test.

Before I go, I have to tell my readers about one of the most random things I've ever done - one that could cost me the test today. Last night I read To Kill a Mockingbird. Not finished it - read it. From cover-to-cover, beginning at 10:30 pm and ending at 3:30 am (to be accurate, in that time I stopped when we read our bibles, and I stopped to say goodnight to everyone, and I stopped to get a drink). It's a very good book. Atticus Finch is awesome. If I get married and have more than one son, I think I'll name one of them after him.
I guess it sounds pretty stupid to have done that. After all, Spring Break is only 12 days away, and then I could stay up until 4 without it affecting my study habits. I decided to go through with the idea for three reasons:
1. I love to do random things, and I wanted to be able to say that I'd read a book in all of that 'extra' time I was supposed to have received when I gave up Facebook.
2. I've wanted to read it for a while, and I couldn't have my sister beat me to it. She was considering reading it, and I don't like much to be beaten in reading contests by her. ;)
3. I knew that if I didn't finish it last night, I'd forget the everything I'd read and probably wouldn't pick it back up again for a year or two. I must agree with Edgar Allen Poe that a good piece of literature should be able to be read in one sitting. It does wonders for keeping up the illusion.

I think I might start reading books in one sitting more often. Although most books that I want to read aren't as easy or short as To Kill a Mockingbird. And it was rather strange to dream in HarperLee-speak...

Monday, March 23

STATUS UPDATE! Sarah has set up a new poll!

So I'm curious. Do you think that I'll actually make it until Easter without caving in and logging on? Let me know via the anonymous poll featured on the right side of this blog. Yes, you read that right. Your answer is completely anonymous! Vote, and I'll have no idea what you said. Seriously. So please be honest. =)

What Happens When I Don't Want To Study

Ok, I admit it: I'm stalling. I don't want to study. I've put it off until today because I could, but it's Monday now and I must have 6 days to study, else I probably won't pass.

Random: I just received a form letter from Missouri Baptist University. They still want me! Huzzah!

So... um... I cut my hair!

Well I actually didn't. A student at the Beauty College that my grandma teaches at did. Anyway, she did a great job! It's relatively easy to style, comfortable, and everyone has complimented it.

On that note, I can fill up more time by talking about Gamers' Nite. I don't think I've talked about it on Droll Digression before, so I'll explain.
Gamers' Nite is a monthly tournament thing at a church far from my house. It's usually either Super Smash Bros. Brawl or... um... another game. I don't remember which, as I don't play first-person shooter games, and that is the kind of game it is. Anyway, yeah. I have some friends there, and I try to go every month, but I usually can't make it. I have been able to these past two times, however.
So on the event info it said that there would be both a Smash Bros. tournament and a Guitar Hero III tournament, and that dressing like a rock star was encouraged. I'm not much for Guitar Hero, but, as many of my readers will know, I absolutely adore any opportunity to wear a costume (even if said costume is just jeans & a t-shirt). 

I hadn't much of a clue as to how rockstars dress, aside from a few 80's rock stars that I've had the misfortune of catching glimpses of - and there was no way on earth I'd do THAT to my hair - so I had to look online. I found a few how-to guides, ran to the store to get some makeup and such, and then spent most of Saturday hair-spraying my head to death (while thinking that it was cool that I had red streaks, as that was suggested in one of the how-to guides), painting my fingernails black, and generally making myself not look like me. By the time I was finished, my brother said I looked scary, my mom said I wasn't allowed to claim that I was a member of the family, and my dad said that I couldn't get upset when people judged me for the way I looked (he thought that the style change was permanent). I kinda freaked myself out. Looking myself in the heavily-makeuped eye via mirror, I thought I must be looking at someone else. I definitely didn't look like my usual good-girl self.

I was finished an hour or two before we had to leave, so my sister and I ran outside with my brother's guitar for a quick photo-shoot. After waiting another hour, we finally left (I'd expected to be about 15 min - half an hour late) and arrived almost exactly on time. And then, I had a surprise.

I was the only rock star there.

Pretty much no one recognized me, and I kept forgetting just how different I looked, so it was kinda rough at first.

At one point Nextdoorneighbor and I went to get sodas. I got a Mountain Dew, she got a lemonade. Glancing down at my Mountain Dew can, I observed remorsefully, "You make me look like the bad girl." Nextdoorneighbor's reply was a look of shock that had me comparing our appearances... and then laughing. 

So in the end it was a lot of fun. I managed to get out of singing on Guitar Hero, and did ok with the guitar on beginner level. However, I will not be dressing so drastically again unless I know that at least one other person will. It's lonely being a star. ;)

P.S. I have since been tagged in two pictures on Facebook by my friend who was at Gamers'. It's killing me that I won't know what they look like for 20 more days. I'm not extremely photogenic, so they could be pretty scary...

P.P.S. I have begun to study English Literature, and it's fascinating. So you're not alone in wasting your time reading this post - I'm slightly regretting the time I put into writing it. Slightly.

Thursday, March 19

Life Without Facebook - The Movie!

Here it is, everyone! We've finished it at last! Enjoy!

You may also enjoy this video...

Monday, March 16

On Tests, Temper Tantrums, Grace, & An Abundance of Postscripts

I need to go to bed. Here it is 11 pm, I have a test in the morning, I haven't really finished studying, and I'm sitting here staring at the computer screen. I always get like this the night before a test. Usually I have Mom to wait up for, but she won't be home until perhaps when I leave in the morning. She changed her shift and schedule and such, which is great news for the part of me that wants to see more of her, but pretty sad for the night-owl in me. No more excuses. That's tart. Ah well, I'll be halfway to Pphbbfft next month. I suppose I can stay up late and face the consequences. But that doesn't change the fact that tonight I need to sleep.

I don't really want to sleep, though, because I haven't taken the practice test that I'm supposed to take the day before the test. I really don't want to sleep because I haven't even finished reading all of the material. As I've said a million times (though perhaps not on here) I am a VERY bad student. The sad thing is that I have a good chance of passing. I'm not really overly worried. Prayers would be appreciated, though. The only way I'll ever pass is if God wants me to pass.

Did I mention that I'm over Facebook? I can't remember if I have or not. Well, I am. I mean, I'd still love to be on there, but it's no longer depressing me or making me break out in a cold sweat when I think about it. ;) I had my priorities so incredibly messed up. Very often I wonder why God sticks with me.

On that note, a simple, yet profound thought came to me the other evening. 
To give you a little bit of a background, the past month has been pretty rough emotionally, but God sustained me in that marvelous way He always does, may His Name be glorified. However, at the end of the chaos that erupted sometime last month I felt very drained spiritually. It was at that low point that I decided to throw a temper tantrum. I wanted to do what I wanted to do, and God said to wait. This I found very unfair. If I wasn't His child, I wouldn't have to wait. I could do whatever I want. How come everyone else always got their way when I had to wait on His timing? It just wasn't fair... - painfully pathetic, I know.

So, like I said, I threw a fit. My close relationship with God went downhill at a dizzying rate, and for a week or two I was absolutely miserable. I knew that the only way to get that relationship back was to repent, but I just couldn't humble myself that much. And so it dragged on for another week. I was so God-hungry that if someone even mentioned Him, or read a verse from the Bible I wanted to cry. I finally grew desperate enough to ask forgiveness, but I was too ashamed to do it where anyone could hear me, and for a few days it seemed as though I couldn't go anywhere without someone being nearby, so again my pride was in the way. Then a few Sundays ago I could take no more. I didn't care if the whole church knew how terrible I was, I had to get right with Him. 

He is so gracious and forgiving. You know what? I wasn't asked a single question! Not a one! All of that stupid fear of looking like what I am, and God hid it from all eyes. Isn't He amazing?! I didn't deserve to be taken back into His never-ending love, much less to have the whole deal kept secret, but He did that for me!

As I contemplated that fact, it crossed my mind that had God known what He was getting in to, He would have been wise to leave me to myself. Then I heard Him say: "I did know."
Wow! He knew every single instance where I would stumble, fall, think of stumbling, outright run away... everything! And yet He DIED for me! Hallelujah!

Hmm... now I want to dance, not sleep! And yet I feel that I can sleep ever so much more peacefully. There's nothing like talking about the one you love to put you at blissful ease. I hope you all have a fantabulous day! May God bless you richly!


P.S. I mentioned that I was writing the script for a movie a few posts ago. I wanted to let you know that it's nearly finished, all of the filming is done. I've proven that I am a better writer/directress than actress, but it's been fun. I'll post it just as soon as I've completed it.

P.P.S. I know I need to stop stalling and go to bed, but I just had to at an additional postscript. It's such fun.

P.P.P.S.  I don't think these exist, but it's fun to pretend they do. I wanted to explain my use of "Pphbbfft" as an age. I do not want to have another birthday. Seriously. I do not want to turn the age of the next number on the list. I don't like it. And so both because I'm in denial and because my family is insane and wonderful, I refer to my next age as being "pphbbfft" (meant to be read as that sound that is made when you blow air through your lips which are pressed lightly together).

P.P.P.P.S.  Sorry this has ended up such a long post...

Tuesday, March 3

One Week Into It....

I've officially been off of Facebook for a week tonight. It hasn't been a complete week since Ash Wednesday yet, but I turned my social life off the night of Mardi Gras, and I haven't opened it since. Well, sort of. I did have to look at a message today, but that lasted at most two minutes. They were the worst two minutes of my life, but I survived. And before you start thinking that that's against the rules or something, you should read my note explaining how to get a hold of me during Lent. In it, I said that I would read messages. Anyway, yeah...

This is going to be a very, very long time to wait. It's kinda funny. This has been the week of Sarah thinking she's something special and then getting shot down. I should rephrase that. This has been a week of Sarah thinking that she's something special APART FROM CHRIST and then getting shot down. I've pretty much proved to myself that without God I'm nothing but dust. With Him, though... that is an entirely different story! His faithfulness is amazing!

It's made me very sad to see how addicted I was/am to Facebook. I had to take the link off of my browser because it was too hard to see it every day and not be able to click on it. Is that pathetic or what? Granted, most of my interaction with others happened through Facebook. I went from knowing exactly what was going on to knowing NOTHING! What are they doing? Where are they going? How are they feeling? What are they listening to? Watching? I have no idea, and I will not know for 39 more days. I find it incredibly unfair that when they say "40 days" they mean "40 days not including Sundays."

The fact that I can't tell the world every trivial detail about my life has made me extremely long-winded online, as I'm sure you can tell by this post. I've pretty much spent the last week studying my head off, praying, trying not to think of Facebook, playing Clue (R) with my family, and playing Um Jammer Lammy (an incredibly random video game). Oh yes, and I've also written the script for a movie I plan to make very, very soon.

Status Update! Sarah is going to find another board game to play with her family! ;)


Wednesday, February 25

Choose Wisely

Just a few moments ago, I decided to do something I never do and listen to music while I study. I actually don't usually listen to music unless I can enjoy it or I'm driving. Anyway, I opened iTunes, started the song Prestidigitation (both because it's a soundtrack song and because I like the name) and got back to work.

A very few songs later, shuffle wound up in the Caedmon's Call section and started the song Manner and Means. I was just about to click next, when I listened to the first line for the first time in a long time: "The heart is a lonely thing to lose in the dead of the night."

Usually I just nod and either go on with life or go on to the next song. Yes, that's nice, so true, but that's not a big issue right now, and I'd rather listen to something more upbeat or something. Not today. For various reasons, losing your heart has been on my mind a lot for the past few days. I've seen in a new light both how easy it is to do, and how terribly it can hurt when the heart that you gave is broken.

So when iTunes suddenly gave me a mournful-sounding voice singing of losing her heart, I was intrigued. I immediately looked up the lyrics, and what I found was so shockingly applicable to me that I felt that I had to share them.

The heart is a lonely thing to lose in the dead of night
The heart is a sad thing to lose in the throws of a fight
The heart is the match to the fire
And the embers of desire, to keep it burning

I am a shell of the manner and the means
Mine is a story of nothing as it seems
But when we have come this far
And still don't know who we are, does it keep burning?

When it's over, and you see it with your eyes
Would you rather have the truth or a lie?

I call for angels to breathe holy on this rust
I call the snakes to come out slowly from the brush
I need a massive overhaul
A revival to fall, to keep it burning

The heart is a costly thing to sell in the prime of the years
And my heart is thinly veiled in the usual fears
The heart is the dream, and the kiss
That there could be more than this, to keep it burning

When it's over, and you see it with your eyes, would you rather have the truth or a lie? Very often I'd rather have a lie. It's so easy to let your heart go after a mirage, so easy to blind yourself to every flaw until you've painted for yourself someone completely unlike the person you've given your heart to.

Well, that's all I have for now. Maybe I'll expound on this further at a later time. I'd like to clarify that I know that eventually there will be someone to whom I can give my heart to, and I'm eagerly awaiting that day. Until then, though, I can't throw my love to every guy I see. That's pretty much all I'm trying to say. Again, I must stress that you don't have to worry about me, I haven't had my heart broken. ;)

On the Experience of Facebook Withdrawals

So I gave up Facebook for Lent... and it's killing me.

This is SO HARD! I want to know what's going on out there! AUGH! I feel like I've suddenly lost all connections to the outside world. Almost Helen Keller-ish. I knew I had an addiction, but this is ridiculous!

Granted, it has led me to be praying a lot more today. In between studying and such, my day has pretty much gone like so:

*Wiggles finger on mousepad to turn off screensaver*
No Facebook! No connection with anyone! Ahhh!
*Remembers Who is most important to stay connected with, and prays*

That doesn't change the fact that a bazillion fantastic ideas for status updates have gone through my head today, or that I want to upload a picture of ashes on my forehead.

When it comes down to the nitty gritty, though, I would rather have a good relationship with my Lord than ever mess with Facebook again.

Zounds. Mrs. K just commented on my status... stupid email updates...

Anyway, this has all been an excellent reminder to me that I am but dust, and to dust I shall return. I don't have the fortitude to give up 40 days of my social life without help and accountability. How on earth could I save myself? I am in desperate need of a Saviour, my friends. Desperate need.

At least maybe now I'll be better about writing on my blog. I haven't done much of anything since I joined Facebook.