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Monday, March 23

What Happens When I Don't Want To Study

Ok, I admit it: I'm stalling. I don't want to study. I've put it off until today because I could, but it's Monday now and I must have 6 days to study, else I probably won't pass.

Random: I just received a form letter from Missouri Baptist University. They still want me! Huzzah!

So... um... I cut my hair!

Well I actually didn't. A student at the Beauty College that my grandma teaches at did. Anyway, she did a great job! It's relatively easy to style, comfortable, and everyone has complimented it.

On that note, I can fill up more time by talking about Gamers' Nite. I don't think I've talked about it on Droll Digression before, so I'll explain.
Gamers' Nite is a monthly tournament thing at a church far from my house. It's usually either Super Smash Bros. Brawl or... um... another game. I don't remember which, as I don't play first-person shooter games, and that is the kind of game it is. Anyway, yeah. I have some friends there, and I try to go every month, but I usually can't make it. I have been able to these past two times, however.
So on the event info it said that there would be both a Smash Bros. tournament and a Guitar Hero III tournament, and that dressing like a rock star was encouraged. I'm not much for Guitar Hero, but, as many of my readers will know, I absolutely adore any opportunity to wear a costume (even if said costume is just jeans & a t-shirt). 

I hadn't much of a clue as to how rockstars dress, aside from a few 80's rock stars that I've had the misfortune of catching glimpses of - and there was no way on earth I'd do THAT to my hair - so I had to look online. I found a few how-to guides, ran to the store to get some makeup and such, and then spent most of Saturday hair-spraying my head to death (while thinking that it was cool that I had red streaks, as that was suggested in one of the how-to guides), painting my fingernails black, and generally making myself not look like me. By the time I was finished, my brother said I looked scary, my mom said I wasn't allowed to claim that I was a member of the family, and my dad said that I couldn't get upset when people judged me for the way I looked (he thought that the style change was permanent). I kinda freaked myself out. Looking myself in the heavily-makeuped eye via mirror, I thought I must be looking at someone else. I definitely didn't look like my usual good-girl self.

I was finished an hour or two before we had to leave, so my sister and I ran outside with my brother's guitar for a quick photo-shoot. After waiting another hour, we finally left (I'd expected to be about 15 min - half an hour late) and arrived almost exactly on time. And then, I had a surprise.

I was the only rock star there.

Pretty much no one recognized me, and I kept forgetting just how different I looked, so it was kinda rough at first.

At one point Nextdoorneighbor and I went to get sodas. I got a Mountain Dew, she got a lemonade. Glancing down at my Mountain Dew can, I observed remorsefully, "You make me look like the bad girl." Nextdoorneighbor's reply was a look of shock that had me comparing our appearances... and then laughing. 

So in the end it was a lot of fun. I managed to get out of singing on Guitar Hero, and did ok with the guitar on beginner level. However, I will not be dressing so drastically again unless I know that at least one other person will. It's lonely being a star. ;)

P.S. I have since been tagged in two pictures on Facebook by my friend who was at Gamers'. It's killing me that I won't know what they look like for 20 more days. I'm not extremely photogenic, so they could be pretty scary...

P.P.S. I have begun to study English Literature, and it's fascinating. So you're not alone in wasting your time reading this post - I'm slightly regretting the time I put into writing it. Slightly.

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