But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. For he himself is our peace, who has made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility... Eph. 2:13-14

Friday, March 30

It's raining, it's pouring... but now it's not.

Today we went to the zoo, expecting it to rain... well around now. Instead, it started pouring on us as soon as we entered. Oh well. It was a lot of fun, but by the time we got to the insectarium I was soaked to the skin. I'm still slightly damp - but only slightly. We saw gi-antic spiders and millions of little gross bugs and beautiful butterflies. Then we ran off to the Living World part of the zoo so that I could try to figure out what I'm doing for the Evolution paper thingie that I'm working on. Just so you know, the St. Louis Zoo is awesome, but don't believe anything you read in the Living World. They've got evolution stuff in there that the evolutionists agree isn't true. They even have something that says that the sound that a mourning dove makes is the sound that the great horned owl makes! It's so sad. But I still love our zoo. Sorry, I'm kind of distracted right now, because Slyder (my cat) is attacking my sister's foot. Now he has to go back outside. Bandit will be happy. He hates that cat. Slyder's always attacking him. Oh well. Great. Now I'm way off the subject. OKAY. After we went to the Living World, my sister wanted to go to the Red Rocks (or something like that) part, which is where they keep all of the Girraffes and Okapis and kangaroos and animals like that. She's always loved that part. Then we ran to the other side of the zoo to see the penguins for my brother. I was glad that he picked the Penguin Puffin House, because I wanted to see them really bad, but my exibit was the Living World - the only reason we got to go today. I love the zoo.

Well, you probably didn't think that was interesting. Sorry. I'm on here because our internet is freaking out and I'm trying to make use of it while it's on. I've already done my chores, so I'm done for the day. I am so tired, though.

There's something that I want to tell (well, I'd like to tell ANYONE at this point) but I'm scared my mom reads my blog... well... I don't think that she'll get a chance to, but I can't take that chance. Well here: I'm getting her an Easter gift. Isn't that exciting? Now she'll know, so I hope that she doesn't read this before Easter. Well, if she does, then I could always get her something lame for Easter and save the present I have in mind for Mother's Day. The problem is that I'm impatient. I don't like waiting to give things to people. That's why I'm waiting so long to get it. The sooner I get it, the longer I have to wait until I get to talk about it. I never realize how much I talk until I can't.

Well, I'm going to see about ordering it now.

I'll write later... maybe there'll be something of more interest then!

Hey, it's raining again!


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