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Tuesday, November 25

Wish List!!!

Well, Christmas music is playing on the radio, so I thought I'd re-post my wish list, just in case someone wanted to get me something. =D

Ok, so here we go:

I'd love to get an ipod touch, but I don't think anyone should spend that much money on me, so if you'd like to contribute, that'd be fantastic!

Anything from my Amazon Wish List
(especially the Bible)

I would like the following shirts from Mental_Floss:
(It says that these shirts run very small, so I'll probably need an XL)

Gift cards/certificates to:
Museum Replicas Ltd. (www.museumreplicas.com)
--Barnes & Nobel
--Bread Co.

And of course, cash is always marvelous. 

So those are the gifty things. Other things I appreciate are:
Nice pens
Pretty/cool Journals

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☮Sarah☮ said...

Fun Facts:
1. I got the Bible that year for Christmas, and I absolutely love it! It's kind of falling apart at the seams already, but I stitched it together, so it's all good!
2. Except for Simple as π, Hobbits, and Rhesus, I have all of the mental_floss shirts I asked for.
3. I now know the girl who modeled the Do Hard Things T-shirt!