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Saturday, August 27

Ooklay in the Agbay

What I'm about to show you is top secret stuff. Don't tell ANYONE! Okay, actually, just don't tell my brother. At least until after his birthday.

I know he doesn't read my blog, so I know that this is a safe place to announce my first steampunk-ish creation (or modification, as the case may be). I am VERY excited that it turned out.

Behold, the BEFORE picture!

Well, it's sideways, but I'm not sure how to fix that.

At any rate, you can clearly see that it is an orange, yellow, black, and grey Nerf gun. This is actually called the Sharp Shot in the Dart Tag series.

Please excuse the screws and such. I actually took this picture to help me remember how I disassembled it so I wouldn't forget how to reassemble it. It was pretty nerve-wrecking!

Now, after lots of sanding, spraying, and general messiness in the mad scientist laboratory that is my room, I am happy to present the finished product.

Behold, the AFTER picture!

I admit, it looks much cooler because I wanted to use Instagram. Without camera effects, it looks thusly:
My brother is celebrating his birthday with a Nerf/Airsoft War, so hopefully this gun can hold its own. I tested it, and it still works great!

So there you have it! Rejoice with me, and don't tell my brother!


P.S. That little slashed cylinder that you see on the final product but not the original gun is a flashlight.

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☮Sarah☮ said...

Hey Mikey! He likes it!