But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. For he himself is our peace, who has made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility... Eph. 2:13-14

Wednesday, August 17

"There is more than what the naked eye can see...

Clothing all our days with mystery
Watching over everything
Wilder than our wildest dreams
Could ever dream to be.
There is more"
Andrew Peterson - More

Last night I had this crazy dream. I dreamt that my vision kept wavering between seeing the physical world and seeing the spiritual world. I'll explain through the scenes that I remember.

I was in a group doing basketball street evangelism. We went to a random basketball court in the city and just started a game with whoever wanted to play. I could feel a lot of tension in the air, as some people in my group were very nervous about being able to give the Gospel through a game (me, I was just hoping I wouldn't make a fool out of myself and break a finger). When we started playing everything looked a little different. When the Christians spoke, their words came out like a whitish steam, but I didn't see anything when the nonbelievers spoke. Everything someone said did something. One sister shouted some encouragement when someone made a mistake, and her word-breath went behind that person and lifted them up and pushed them on. Another brother said something hurtful and a "snare" (okay, I admit it, it was one of those evil item blocks from Mario Kart - the kind that zap you when you run into them) was thrown out in front of the person. That person ran right into it and I felt a huge surge of anger from her.

The Alley Behind the Restaurant:
Two good friends ended up in an alley behind a restaurant. Friend number one was chewing the other out. It was dreadful! At first everything he said had to do the the escapade that had led to them being in the alley, but then Friend 1 started digging up character traits that annoyed him.
It was at that time that my vision switched to "spiritual". Friend 2 was surrounded with "snares", but had been very careful not to step on any of them. She was looking at her feet for a way to get out of them, and when she prayed a clear spot glowed slightly. But every time she tried to step out, Friend 1 would make another insult-the character traits, remember-and a stone the size of a six-year-old's fist would hit her. When it fell, it would create another snare, but though she winced, she would not move. Then Friend 1 threw something in her face, something that only the best of friends would be trusted to know. When he said it, an ugly black arrow shot into Friend 2's arm, and she lost it. She started hurling stones and arrows of her own. The snares had disappeared, because they were both caught. They clawed at each other, and blood was running down their arms and faces.
Then my vision changed back to the physical world. They were standing where they had been at the first, shouting vehemently at each other. With a last jab at each other, they stomped off in different directions. They looked angry, but unharmed. As they left the alley, my vision switched back to spiritual. A light rain was falling sadly, and the darkness of the shadowy alleyway happily soaked up the pools of blood they left behind.

There were many more scenes, but I can't remember the storyline, and it's all beginning to fade from my memory. The alley scene has a few aspects from other parts of my dream (the glowing safe path, the rain, the darkness seeming to have emotions), but everything here was in the dream at some point. I know it was just a dream, but it's had an impact on me. Hopefully I'll remember those friends next time I want to say something harsh!

There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts,
but the tongue of the wise brings healing.
Proverbs 12:18

Peace be with you!

P.S. I told my brother about my dream, and he said I should write a book like this. ^_^

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