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Friday, February 17

Support Missions: Buy my Pants!

Hello everyone!
I don't mean to annoy you with spam, but I'm trying something I've never done before, and I'm sharing the information any way I know how - and this blog is one of those ways!

To help raise the money I need to go back to Texas, I'm going to try making and selling things on Etsy. I just posted my first item, and I'd be much obliged if you'd check it out!

You can get all of the information HERE, but to whet your appetite, I'll share some pictures and background information.

I was inspired to make these pants by the clothes at a little hippie store named Sunshine Daydream. They have some very much like these, but they're WAY out of my price range, and most of them are Grateful Dead themed.

I had a pair of corduroy pants with eyelets running down the sides that were in excellent condition, but... well... boring. I never wore them, but I hated to get rid of them because they were in such great shape. After my trip to Sunshine Daydream, I was inspired!

With the combined powers of scrap fabric, embroidery thread, T-shirt scraps left over from my T-shirt Skirt, and some old jewelry, I set about assembling the coolest pants I've ever owned.

As much as I like them, however, I need money more. And I have plenty of clothes. And I never wear them. So now I'm giving you the chance to own them! For about half the price of the pants at Sunshine Daydream, you can own an incredibly cool pair of pants!

The hardest thing for me to give up about these pants are the dangling heart charms on the side. A lot of thought went into those charms. Because I knew they'd never make it if they were washed, I had to come up with a way to detach and reattach them easily, without being too bulky. I really like the end result.

These pants have been washed several times, and the stitching holds. I had some trouble with the letters fraying away, but after some experimenting, that's under control (and it looks really cool!).

So if you like them, or know someone who would like them, or think you know someone who knows someone who would like them, please head over to my Etsy store! Feel free (no, feel encouraged- no, feel obligated) to share the link through email, on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, or wherever you network socially!

I'm currently in the process of dreaming up another clothing item to sell. This one is going to be even harder, because I've been planning to make it for myself for a while now. If I want it so badly, you know it must be good!

Love and Peace,

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