But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. For he himself is our peace, who has made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility... Eph. 2:13-14

Saturday, April 7

I am not in Mission, Texas. And that's okay.

[If you don't want to know about what's going on in my life, please scroll down to find out what's going on in Texas! It's important stuff.]

Do I wish I was in Mission with Aaron, Rachel, Rick, Billy, and Olivia? Yes!
And no.

I want to be there, because I miss everyone and I'm longing to go back! I don't want to be there, because I know that God wants me here at home, and that's just fine. More than fine, it's perfect. It's the best place I could possibly be at this moment, and slowly this head knowledge is becoming trusting, enjoyable heart knowledge.

One definite perk of being home is that I get to spend Easter with my family! I haven't gotten to spend much time with them lately, and I miss them. The past few days have been really nice, and full of special moments, like painting Easter eggs at 10:30pm, taking my sister to an interview for her first out-of-the-house job, and making Coconut Easter Bunny Cake Pops (my invention!) with her.

Every moment is precious, and some are even more precious than others. I don't know what my life is going to be like next Easter. For all I know, I'll be living my dream as a missionary's wife, and be living far, far away. Spending these days at home, and not in Texas, is a blessing.

That being said, I still really, really wish I was down there with them. I've gotten to do a lot of thinking about how amazing God's omnipresence is, but if I could collect those thoughts into something readable, they should definitely go in their own blog post!

But importantly: Texas!

As mentioned, the team is little this time: Aaron, Rachel, Olivia, Rick, and Billy (just like the first time only without me). They arrived in Mission yesterday evening, and I've been pestering them for updates ever since! From what I can gather, they've already been very busy, and they already have something for us back home to pray about.

Hermano Solis

Photo courtesy Billy Jackson
Lesley and Enrique are some of our best buddies in Mission. During our last trip, they helped us tremendously by translating for us when we handed out flyers. They have eight other brothers and sisters, and their parents are some of the few members of Iglesia Bautista Cristo El Rey.

Today their father, Mr. Solis, was trimming trees at a friend's house. He fell, and the chainsaw he was using fell with him, landing on his left arm, about four inches up from the wrist. It did what chainsaws do, and cut down to the bone. Last I heard, he was unable to feel or move two of his fingers. He's in surgery now (Saturday night) until 11:00pm. I'll give you an update as soon as I can tomorrow!

Photo courtesy of Billy Jackson
Please pray! Pray that the doctors would be able to reconnect all nerves and tendons easily. Pray for quick and relatively pain-free healing. Even more than these things, pray that God would use this situation to show His love to this family. Pray for Aaron, Rachel, Rick, and Billy, that they would know exactly what to say and do to help.
Pray that God would use this situation to make His Name known to the Solis' neighbors and friends!

Photo courtesy of Billy Jackson
And pray for the team while they're down there. Pray that their days would be full of good work and their nights full of good rest. Pray that God would open doors like never before, and that they would be able to live the Gospel. Pray that many come and hear the Good News tomorrow, and be saved!

IT IS FINISHED! Christ has taken the full punishment of our sins on Himself! The curtain has been torn, and God is our Father! Pray confidently, and gratefully! He is worthy of all praise, and He will save His people from their sins, so pray that He would save for Himself more worshippers tomorrow!

He is risen!

Like I said, I'll give you an update on Hermano Solis and the rest of the goings on in Mission as soon as I can. Until then, rejoice in Christ's victory and pray!

Love and Peace,

P.S. I just realised that this is the 200th post! Woo-hoo!

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