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Tuesday, January 3

Cute T-shirt DIY, or Sarah has spent too much Time on Pinterest

Are you a girl who owns fantastic t-shirts, but feels manly when she wears them? So am I! Thankfully, after lots of online research and just a few experiments, I've found a great way to make manly t-shirts feminine. Here's how I do it:

For this project you will need:
A Manly T-shirt
Straight Pins
A Safety Pin
A Sewing Machine

Step 1: Cut the collar off of the shirt. Cut as close to the stitching as you can!

Step 2: Cut a slit about an inch long in the center front of your new "collar".
Step 3: Turn shirt inside-out, fold the collar edge over, and pin all the way around.
Step 4: Sew the fold as close to the edge as you can get.
Make sure you're leaving a little tunnel of space between the fold and your stitching!

When I reach the front again, I like to put an unnecessary line of stitching, just so it looks uniform.
You might have puckers and wrinkles - that's okay! But if you really can't stand it, just pick it out and fix it. :)
Step 5: Cap sleeves! Cut the sleeves at a slant, making the sleeves as long or short as you like.
The remnant should look roughly like a triangle.
Step 6: Take one of the sleeve remnants and cut off the very edge.
Step 7: Make t-shirt yarn (The coolest stuff in the world)! Stretch that little piece of fabric until it's long and pretty!
Step 8: Attach your safety pin to one end of the yarn, and thread it through the tunnel you made in the collar.
Step 9: Put the shirt on, and tighten collar to preference.

Step 10: Tie ends in a secure knot, and cut off the excess. Hide the knot, and enjoy!

Special thanks to mental_floss and instagram. I couldn't have done this DIY without you!


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deb ferrell said...

Great job, girlie!